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Value of Network-Centric Observability

Observability is becoming a key pillar of modern IT and an enabler of digital strategy.
Build a business case for long-lasting business impact and return on investment.

Investing in cPacket’s Observability Solution Pays Off

By Saving Money

By Making Money

Avoid & Reduce Service Outages Disruptions

Restore Services Faster and Reduce MTTR

Accelerate Service Expansion and Modernization

It costs enterprises, on average, $1M-$5M per hour
for a business application or service down.

It costs enterprises, on average, $1.23M per breach
in case of a security attack.

It saves enterprises, on average, 36% in costs after the cloud migration and create new revenue streams.

  • Keep the network up and perform up to the task. Proactively observe and maintain network health to optimal levels so the network does not become a reason to bring down a service or application or a reason for deteriorated user experiences.
  • Keep the network secure by feeding/analyzing the real-time network traffic for potential threats so non-traditional attacks, such as ransomware, do not infiltrate and bring down a service or application. Avoid revenue loss or customer churn due to downtime.

  • Find it early if it is or is not a network issue. Progressively drill down fast if it is a network issue and find out What the issue is, Where it is, When it happened, and Why it happened. Fix it fast and reduce MTTR. Avoid revenue or customer churn.
  • Contain and respond fast to a breach. Analyze the captured network (packet) data for fast forensics to spot rouge activity and take corrective actions, protecting customer data, corporate reputation, and expected revenue.

  • Remove the blind spots in cloud environments and have true multi-cloud and hybrid cloud single-pane-of-glass observability. Troubleshoot the application dependencies, connectivity, and responsiveness before commissioning into production.
  • Keep the business applications secure in a multi-cloud environment by analyzing the real-time network traffic for potential threats from non-traditional attacks and have the forensics capability to access network (packet) data.

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