At Last, a 100Gbps Visibility Solution that Works

You wouldn’t expect a used 1950s family car to offer the same speed and functionality of a high-performance car, would you? Then why would you rely on multiple, slow, bandwidth clogging, packet dropping solutions to manage the brokering of your network packets?

Introducing the new cVu 16100 product family and cVu 1000 for real-time network visibility for faster network troubleshooting at a lower cost. Perfect for the largest service provider and enterprise networks, cPacket enables 100Gbps at the core and edge of the network to support big data, multi-media, and e-commerce. cPacket’s network packet brokering solutions are the essential foundation for your network security and performance by providing your business with the right data at the right resolution at the right time. The cVu 16100 product family and cVu 1000 empower a secure and reliable connected world with full network visibility. To find out more about the new products, and how they can help you gain visibility into your network, read the press release.
Customer Success
A top-rated US healthcare organization <link to CS> is using multiple cPacket solutions and has reduced troubleshooting by 80% and now has improved network efficiency and visibility footprint.
The continued growth for the organization due to multiple acquisitions resulted in a substantial increase in patient data as hundreds of thousands of new patients were now under their umbrella. Additionally, the digital transfer of high-resolution data from x-rays and MRIs greatly increased the amount of data in the network. The healthcare provider was also consolidating multiple geographically separate datacenters into one, which required deployment of hundreds of 100Gbps links in a spine-leaf architecture.
“As we progressed more into higher density and higher speeds, we needed to have the right tools in place that would provide full scalability, flexibility, and optimal visibility into our networks. With so much at stake, we couldn’t settle for anything less than a best-in-class solution for our data center needs. With cPacket, we now have the power to manage our networks more efficiently and with less cost and this has been the biggest payoff for us,” said the senior systems engineer.
See us at Cisco Live Europe #CLEUR
cPacket is demonstrating cVu 16100 product family and cVu 1000 at Cisco Live Barcelona @CiscoLiveEurope, January 28-February 1, 2019. If you’ll be at the conference, please visit us at booth #S01.

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