A Network Operator’s Top 3 Needs

Data center security has always been critical to the success of today’s enterprises. Today’s IT landscape is becoming increasingly digitized resulting in the need for more advanced security tools to ensure that networks are safeguarded. Enterprises need an integrated solution that will protect and secure their demanding network monitoring environments.

cPacket and Cisco have teamed up to deliver a best in class integrated security solution that enables:

  1. Faster Threat Detection
  2. Real-time Analysis and Forensic Investigations
  3. Always On Monitoring

The combination of cPacket’s cClear platform and visualization dashboard of Cisco’s Firepower allows for a unified management platform that seamlessly connects to provide joint customers the benefits of a more complete context of a security event.

The collaboration aims to drive the convergence of NetOps and SecOps. Oftentimes, these two groups within the enterprise find themselves largely siloed but share a common goal of maintaining a highly secure, high-performing network infrastructure at low costs and with higher efficiencies.

Check out this infographic.

For more details on cPacket’s integration with Cisco’s Firepower, click here.