2017 Networking Trends, Part I

Our friends at 451 recently issued a 2017 Trends in Networking Report, and one of the authors, Jennifer Clark, published a blog on some of its key findings. The blog presents why “networking is exciting again,” and how new developments are ensuring that networking can finally catch up with the need for nimbleness, agility, and flexibility of the IT world that has become accustomed to these characteristics, thanks to the cloud. In her blog, Jennifer outlines three themes, stating that “recent trends point to massive transformations taking place in the network, enabled by wireless, mobile and virtualization technologies.”

The 451 report envisions new technologies and advances that make it faster and easier for businesses to cost-effectively connect more users and devices with the applications needed, at even faster speeds. Specifically, it mentions the benefits of new wireless standards and technologies, and the implementation of software-defined networking (SDN).

As we head into 2017, cPacket will have big announcements that help our clients address the challenges and opportunities created by these trends. We are excited for our customers and prospects in the coming year as we continue our work to provide new solutions and features that help our clients deliver the best network experience, whether for consumers, business users, or government agencies.

Check back for our next blog to find out more, as we delve deeper into the specifics of the 451’s report findings and their implications for us, our customers, and partners.