100g Networks are Here

100Gbps Networks Go Mainstream, Introducing New Challenges for Network Performance and Security Visibility Monitoring

Always-On Monitoring

cPacket has designed a unique hardware architecture based on its custom ASIC that performs analytics at the wire. The result is greater accuracy and resolution for 10× better coverage and accurate monitoring from 1G to 100G.

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Dynamic Network Visualization

Monitoring at the Wire: cPacket’s cVu devices receive and process the traffic using cPacket’s proprietary algorithmic fabric chip and provide hardware-based monitoring from 1G to 100G.
Analytics and Forensics: cStor adds the analytics and forensic packet capture capabilities that, in combination with the cVu metadata, are available to the top layer in the diagram, cClear.
One Dashboard, all the data: cClear brings together the data from all the system components in a single dashboard workflow that enables access to performance data and packets at all speeds.

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cPacket provides the unique architecture needed to match faster speeds and greater bandwidths. The result is improved visibility, less complexity, and greater agility needed to optimize network performance.

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Introducing new challenges for networking performance and security visibility monitoring

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cPacket Networks Whitepaper Explores the Rise of 100Gbps Networks and the Challenges Posed for Performance and Security

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This infographic describes the trend towards 100G networks as well as several key factors driving the adoption towards faster networks.

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cPacket receives Right Stuff Innovation Award in Monitoring & Analytics

The ONUG Right Stuff Innovation Award is presented to those companies that are dedicated to the development of innovative open cloud-based solutions, and that can best address the Working Group Initiative Proof of Concept guidelines created by ONUG.

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